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Harold’s Chicken Shack (also referred to as The Fried Chicken King, Harold’s Chicken, or simply Harold’s) is a chain of fried chicken restaurants located primarily in Chicago, Illinois particularly on its South Side.

Harold’s has been a Chicago South Side institution for many years and is known for its uniquely prepared chicken. There are dozens of “shacks” on Chicago’s South Side, several on the West Side and a few on the North Side. Harold’s Chicken is also available in Northwest Indiana, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa,and Momence, Illinois on Route 1.

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Los Angeles already serves up plenty of great fried chicken, but this summer those glorious establishments will face some new competition from Chicago. Harold’s Chicken Shack and Sports Bar is coming to Hollywood Boulevard, bringing along 67 years of poultry-frying expertise, and a deliciously brutal logo featuring a cleaver-wielding chef chasing a chicken.

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While we plan to introduce more upscale formats to the Harold’s brand, we will still prioritize the staples which are the fast casual takeout restaurants

The future! Answering the call of our Millennial fans and customers, Harolds will introduce culturally relevant and significant upscale bar/ restaurants to various markets throughout the US.

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